Relief Activities By Rukhsana Foundation

Caravan Of Hope To Badin, Sindh

Where Once Lived People Are Now Pools of Water

This year Pakistan has received very heavy rains, with Sindh province being the worst affected. The flood resulting from these rains has caused a major collapse of the entire,  drainage system of LBOD (The Left Bank Outfall Drain), Phuleli, Ghooni and Ghoongro Drain.  More then 100 breaches have appeared in the canals and have caused severe hardship to people in lower Sindh. Badin is the worst affected District in the recent wave of torrential rains and floods in the Sindh Province. The areas of Malkani Shareef, Khoski and Panjrio are still inundated in three to five feet of water, while over a million people are currently suffering from malnutrition. The stagnant flood water contains the remains of dead animals which turn the conditions unhygienic. There is a risk of the spread of viral, fungal and other diseases. There is water everywhere and as long as the flood water stays, it remains a hell for the local residents.

Rukhsana Foundation in association with APPKI (Association of Physicians of Pakistani decent Kentucky Indiana) embarked on a major relief operation for the affected people of Badin. This operation was planned in two phases. The first Phase was focused on the supply of clean water, food, medicine and a survey for the second phase being the construction of permanent shelters for the displaced people. The first phase started with the purchase and packaging of medicines at the RF head office in Lahore. Life Straws and Family Straws for water purification imported from the United States were also packed here. Life Straw and Family Straw is a water purification system which works without electricity, battery or an external power source. The person using a Life Straw drinks contaminated water through it like a conventional straw and the water is instantly purified. It is to be used individually. A Life Straw can be used for the consumption of 1000 liters of water. A Family Straw purifies water just by adding water from its intake and the purified water comes out from the tap on the other side giving clean water to the whole family. A Family Straw can purify 10,000 liters of water.

From the RF head office the supplies were taken to the Lahore Railway station from where the medicines were booked for Karachi to join the food bags already acquired over there. The Life and Family Straws were booked for Hyderabad from where the same were to be taken to Badin.

Medicines, Life and Family Straws Being Packed at RF head office Lahore

On 9th October 2011, the RF personal embarked on a journey from Lahore to Hyderabad, while the RF Chairperson,  Mrs  Rukhsana Mushtaq was already in Karachi to lead the caravan of food and medicines  to Badin. On 10th October 2011, the caravan of RF with food and medicines,  started its 5 hour journey  to Badin from Karachi via Thatta with Chairperson Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq and RF Secretary Lt Col (R) Mushtaq Ali Tahirkheli leading the way. An escort of Pakistan Rangers was also with the caravan. This escort was arranged because the relief caravans had been looted by bandits in the past and it was dangerous to travel in the area. In order to ensure that the supplies reached their destination this escort was mandatory.

Trucks Loaded With Food and medicine For Flood Affectees

The destination of this caravan was 206th Army Brigade in Badin. The 206th Army Brigade was right in the middle of the flooded area. Upon reaching there the caravan was greeted by Brigadier Javaid of The Pakistan Army.  By this time the second  arm of the caravan of hope from Hyderabad  consisting of Life Straws and Family Straws for water purification Led by the RF Operations Manager Mr. Arsalaan Waheed had also reached the 206th  Army Brigade after an 8 hour journey. Life Straws, Family Straws, medicines and 300 bags of food with each bag containing 5 Kg Ghee, 20 Kg Atta, and 5 Kg Sugar were handed over to,  Brigadier Javaid for distribution among the deserving.  Brigadier Javaid told Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq that Army had established a camp for 6,000 flood affectees and was providing them food and shelter.

Mrs Rukhsana Mushtaq and Lt Col Mushtaq Tahirkeli with Brig Javaid in Badin / Food and medicines being unloaded by Army In Badin

Brigadier Javaid Thanked the Chairperson of Rukhsana Foundation Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq for the efforts of the Foundation and associates for the service of the flood affectees and assured her that the relief goods will reach the hapless promptly in order to ease their pain. He also presented a  traditional Sindhi Ajrak (a sindhi shawl) To Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq along with a 206th Brigade cap to Lt Col. Mushtaq Tahirkheli as a token of thanks.

Brig Javaid expressing his gratitude on the efforts of the foundation

After,  the  handover of relief goods to 206th Army Brigade, the caravan of hope of Rukhsana Foundation  led by Arsalaan Waheed (Manager Operations) and Ashfaq Ahmed (Caretaker) moved on towards interior Badin to  Siryani, a village totally destroyed by the floods, and still engulfed with water. 200 bags of food were distributed there.

200 bags of food being distributed in Siryani Village

This ended the first phase of the relief operation of Rukhsana Foundation in Badin. The second phase of the operation was initiated and a survey was started for locations and logistics for the construction of 50 permanent houses. There was hardly any place without flood water and people were forced to live along a few roads and walkways that were left. Rows and rows of tents could be seen at the road side

People forced to live on the road side as their villages are inundated

The survey team of Rukhsana Foundation after extensive   evaluation of conditions selected the villages of Walasani (Faiz Mohammad Samijo) and Rahoo Ki. In the first phase 15 houses will be constructed out of the planned 50.

The Rukhsana Foundation team also met the Hindu community in the area. There is a large number of Hindus living in the area. The Hindus were most concerned about the damage to their temples due to flood in the area. They were keen to save their temples even before their

Hindu Temples engulfed in the flood water

homes. They showed the RF team main temple in the area which needed repair. The roof and wall of the temple was damaged. The RF team assured their Hindu brothers that this repair will be undertaken as soon as possible and the temple will be restored to its pre flood position.Hindus were most concerned about the damage to their temples due to flood in the area. They were keen to save their temples even before their

Pictures tell the story

Natural calamities are beyond the control of man, but once they occur, damage control should be promptly started in order to reduce the suffering of the people. We might thank God, we are spared but have we ever thought  about the unfortunate people who were not spared.  What if God forbid the tables are turned and we might go in their position. We are spared because we have to help and reduce the suffering of our brothers. The relief efforts of Rukhsana Foundation and associates will continue until we bring some relief to the hapless. We will also invite others to come forward and join hands in order to combat the situation.

Summery of Relief Goods And Cost
Items Quantity Cost Per Item Total Cost
Food Bag Containing 5 Kg Ghee, 5 Kg, Sugar, 20 Kg Atta 500 Rs. 2,155/- Rs. 1,077,500/-
Medicines     Rs. 241,818/-
Life Straw 1000 Rs. 890/- Rs. 890,000/-
Family Straw 180 Rs. 2,225/- Rs. 400,500/-
Grand Total     Rs. 2,609,818/-
 09th October 2011 Medicines For Flood Affected Badin,Sindh Donated By Rukhsana Foundation And APPKI List 1 
S. No Items Quantity
1 Paracetamol Tab 5000
2 Brufen 400mg Tab 1250
3 Brufen 200mg Tab 5000
4 Mefnamic acid forte 5000
5 Asprine 4000
6 Ravtodin 1000
7 Cimtadine 1500
8 Cap. Dmeprazole 1000
9 Metronidazole 2500
10 Gravinate tab 1500
11 Levoflex 200
12 Septron D.S 1000
13 Erytheocin 1000
14 Cap.Cephrodine 200
15 Tab Co-tri 600
16 Tab. Erythroscin 100
17 Tab. Lefofloxcin 250 mg 500
18 Tab.Lefofloxcin 500 mg 500
19 Tab. Ciprofloxcin 500 mg 500
20 Tab. Diclo 2000
21 O.R.S 96×20 1920
22 Syp. Ammonium Chloride 200
23 Syp.Cpm 200
24 Syp. Pcm 400
25 Syp. Co-tri 200
26 Syp. Metronizadole 200
27 Syp. Kropectol 100
28 Tab. Lortadin 500
29 Gentacin Eye/Ear Drops 50
30 Polyfex Skin 16
31 Pyodin 3
32 Bandge 2″ 1 gurus
33 Bandge 4″ 1 gurus
34 Cotton Roll 6
35 Tab. Metronidazole 200mg 750
36 Tab. Metronidazole 400mg 750
37 Hyoscin 1000
38 200
39 Motllium 100
40 Syp. Mucine 10
41 Chlrophenicol eye drops 24
09th October 2011 Medicines For Flood Affected Badin,Sindh Donated By Rukhsana Foundation And APPKI List 2
S.No Items Quantity
1 Paracetamol Tab 20000
2 Brufen Tab 400mg 2500
3 Brufen Tab 200mg 7500
4 Mefinamac Acid Fort Tab 5000
5 Asprin Tab 10000
6 Cimtadin Tab 5000
7 Rantodin 150mg Tab 1000
8 Capsoule Omeplazole 27000
9 Metromide Tab 6000
10 Gravinate Tab 2500
11 Motillium Tab 1250
12 Hypscin Tab 2500
13 Metronidazole Tab 5000
14 Septron DS Tab 2000
15 Erythrocin 250mg Tab 2500
16 Erythrocin 500mg Tab 1000
17 Cephadin Capsule 500mg 1200
18 Leflox Tab 500mg 1000
19 Leflox Tab 250mg 1000
20 Cipro Tab 500mg 2000
21 Cipro Tab 250mg 1000
22 Chloroquine 5000
23 CQ tab 500mg 10000
24 ORS (Sachet) 9600
25 Ammonium Chloride 1000
26 CPM 600
27 Paracetamol 1000
28 Co-Tri 600
29 Mucin 200
30 Metronidazole 600
31 Kaopictal 400
32 Lortadine Tab 1000
33 Gentaonycin eye/ear drops 250
34 Somagol 20
35 Polyfex (eye) 20
36 Polyfex (skin) 20
37 Pyodin Solution 10
38 Bendages 2″ 03 Gurus
39 Bendages 4″ 01 Gurus
40 Cotton Roll 12
  Total Cost Rs. 241,818/-
List of Beneficiaries Single Room Concrete Block Houses Walasani (Faiz Mohammad Samijo) Village Badin,Sindh Sponsored By Rukhsana Foundation and APPKI
Name Category Father/Husband’s Name Sex
Bachai Widow Manu Female
Hakima Widow Mithu Female
Katu Widow Bachaio Female
Sajan Widow Umer Female
Daryan Khatoon Widow Gul Mohammad Female
Saqina Widow Bair Female
Pathani Widow Mohram Female
Jevi Widow Mohammad Female
Ameen Widow Ali Nawaz Female
Basar Widow Usman Female
Mehar Widow Saddique Female
Allah Rakhio Widow Usman Female
Karimat Widow Mohammad Raheem Female
Fatima Widow Jamu Female
Waliat Widow   Female
Basar Handicapped Mehar Male
Mewo Handicapped Bachaio Male
Sodo Handicapped Mohammad Raheem Male
Aban Handicapped Bedano Male
Uras Handicapped Allah Dino Male
Sallah Handicapped Jassar Male
Gul Sher Handicapped Mithu Male
Ali Nawaz Handicapped Manthar Male
Suleman Handicapped Khbad Male
Jamu Handicapped Mithu Male
Mammon Handicapped Ramzan Male
Ashraf Handicapped Nehar Male
Ali Mohammad Handicapped Diyar Male
List of Beneficiaries ofSingle Room Concrete Block Houses Rahoo Ki Village Badin,Sindh Sponsored By Rukhsana Foundation and APPKI 
Name Category Father/Husband Name Sex
Husna Widow Ali Akbar Female
Noor Khatoon Widow Suleman Female
Bachai Widow Fazal Female
Murbhi Widow Allu Female
Ramzan Widow Tahir Female
Hanifa Widow Mithu Female
Bai Widow Abdullah Female
Khadija Widow Abdullah Female
Noor Mohammad Handicapped   Male
Khimso Handicapped Khamu Male
Rani Handicapped Aachur Female
Basran Handicapped Aiso Female
Marvi Handicapped Suleman Female
Dharmi (Hindu) Handicapped Kamboo Female
Jeni (Hindu) Handicapped Krishan Female
Archan (Hindu) Handicapped Gazo Female
Raji Handicapped Ramzan Male