Rotary International

Two past District Governors of Rotary International District 5510 Arizona, USA, Mr. Abe Feder and Mrs. Barb Feder visited the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing school. This was their second visit to the school. They earlier visited the in 2012. Visiting Pakistan in order to be a part of the National Immunization day for a drive to rid Pakistan of Polio, Mr. Abe Feder and Mrs. Barb Feder have always been keen followers of development of education in Pakistan with focus on the institutions working for the under privileged segment of the society.

They were deeply impressed by the development that has taken place in the RF welfare school and labelled it truly a “Unique Institution” in Pakistan. With all the technology that has been incorporated in the school, according to Mr. Abe Feder it was just like Walking into an educational institution in a developed country. Both complemented the Chairperson, Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq and the Patron Dr. Naeem Tahirkheli for creating a world class facility for the children who cannot afford to go to such a school. Mr. Abe Feder renewed the commitment of Rotary International of assisting Rukhsana Foundation in every way and assured the management that they will double their efforts in securing Rotary assistance for the Foundation as it is truly a global symbol of service.

Rotary International has been cooperating with the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School and their members have been visiting the school regularly in order to access the requirements of the school and to explore ways in which they can help. As a library has been established in the school, the Rotary international came forward and offered to donate books on various subjects for the children, for this the Assistant Governor, Club of Milford Rotary international D-7870 U.S.A, Mr. David Countways and his wife Mrs. Sylvia Countways visited the Welfare school. They met the Chairperson of Rukhsana Foundation Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq and pledged Rotary’s continuous support for the cause of the Foundation.

The outgoing District Governor Ms. Barb Feder and the District Governor elect Mr. Abe Feder of Rotary International District 5510 Arizona U.S.A for the year 2012-13 were on a visit to Pakistan. During this visit they came to Rukhsana Foundation. Here they received a briefing from the Rukhsana Foundation Chairperson Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq about the projects of Rukhsana Foundation from Elementary school, Welfare Clinic to the ongoing projects in flood affected areas. Mr. Abe Feder was very impressed with the efforts of the Foundation and pledged his support. He also pledged to channel the support of other Rotary Districts in the United States in order to enable the Foundation to increase the scope of the services provided.

The Leader of the Team of Rotary International U.S.A Presents a Souvenir to The Chairperson Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq of the Rukhsana Foundation


A team of Rotary international from the United States of America paid a visit to the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School in order to see the working of the school. This trip was arranged by Ms. Shazia Zaffar a president of Rotary club in Lahore leading the campaign to spread awareness against Polio in order to eradicate the disease. She along with her colleagues visited the school earlier as they were performing a survey of the schools working to provide quality education to under privileged children. Ms. Shazia was very impressed with the efforts of Rukhsana Foundation especially the personal interest of the Chairperson Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq in the working of the school. She pledged the support of Rotary International for the school and offered to help in a number of ways from teachers training to material help. This was the follow up of the first visit. The team of Rotary International brought school bags, note books and stationery items for the students which they themselves distributed among the children. They appreciated the efforts of the Foundation and once again pledged their support from the platform of Rotary International U.S.A.

APPNA (Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America)

APPNA (Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America)

The Association of Physicians of Pakistani descent of North America (APPNA) is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to fostering scientific development and education in the field of medicine and to delivering better health care, irrespective of race, color, creed, or gender. APPNA is one of the largest ethnic medical societies in North America representing more than 15,000 physicians and health care professionals of Pakistani descent serving across the United States and Canada.

APPNA’s regional chapter APPKI The Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of Kentucky and Indiana under the president ship of Dr. Babar Cheema collaborated with Rukhsana Foundation in various projects in the flood affected areas of Pakistan in 2010-12. The projects included the permanent shelter projects in Pubbi district Nowshera, Kashmir Kot district Jaffarabad Baluchistan, Darkhast Jamal Khan, Dera Gazi Khan and Badin Sindh.

APPKI with help of Rukhsana Foundation distributed 4200 new Shalwar Qameez among 200 families (average five members in each family) at Eid-ul Fitr in each of the three provinces of Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. This collaboration was further extended to the distribution of water purification equipment in the flood affected areas.

Mr . Michael Winters

During his visit to Pakistan, Mr. Michael Winters visited different places and met a number of people. One such visit was to the Brothers Mission Church located in the Awami Colony in Lahore. A number of staff members of the Rukhsana Foundation live in this colony and attend services in this church. The management of the church invited Mr. Michael Winters and the RF chairperson Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq to attend a special service and they obliged.

Mr. Michael Winters being a teacher himself was very much interested in having information about the development and training of teachers in Pakistan. This took him to the premier teachers training institute in Lahore Pakistan the Ali Institute of Education. Mr. Michael Winters along with the Rukhsana Foundation chairperson Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq paid a visit to the institute. One of the board members of the Rukhsana Foundation, Mr. Syed Ali Raza Bokhari is working at the Ali Institute Of Education as project adviser and Rukhsana Foundation has sent one of its teachers of the Welfare Finishing School Ms. Babra on a 12 month training course to the institute in order to get accustomed with the new developments in teaching. During this visit Mr.  Michael Winters and Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq attended a briefing about the various courses and facilities provided by the institute. They had a meeting with the Dean of the institute and also visited the library and computer  lab.

Mr. Michael Winters and Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq Having A Meeting With Dean Of The Ali Institute Of Education

Mr. Ali Raza Bokhari Shows The Library Of The Ali Institute to Mr. Michael Winters and Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq

 Mr. Michael Winters and Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq visit the computer lab of the Ali Institute Of Education Along with Mr. Syed Ali Raza Bokhari

Water is essential for life, without it life cannot exist. In order to sustain life water free of all impurities is required, contaminated water is just like poison. In the flood affected areas it is imperative that along with food pure water is also provided so that the affected people stay away from disease as the environment is already unhygienic and prone to the spread of disease. As the destruction in a calamity hit area is massive and usually all the infrastructure is destroyed, the conventional means of purifying water cannot work as there is no electricity or any other power source. The revolutionary product “Life Straw” is tailor made for such an environment as it provides pure and clean water without requiring any external power source. It is available in individual and family models. The individual model purifies water instantly by drinking contaminated water through it just like a conventional straw whereas the family model works like a water filter with contaminated water going in from the intake and pure clean water coming out from a tap on the other side. The individual life straw can purify 1000 liters or water while the family straw is good for 10,000 liters of water.

Rukhsana Foundation realizing the importance of provision of pure water collaborated with a US based NGO “Water Solutions For Life” for the supply of these straws for distribution in flood affected area. Mr. Michael Winters the head of this NGO and an expert of this technology personally visited Pakistan in order to distribute and demonstrate the working of these straws.

Michael Winters Giving A Demonstration Of Family Straws To RF Staff 


The first batch of Life straws imported by the Rukhsana Foundation from the United States Of America were distributed by Mr. Michael Winters personally in the flood affected areas of Muzaffargarh. He also demonstrated how to use this revolutionary product to the people.

Michael Winters Demonstrates The Functioning Of A Family Straw

Life Straws Being Distributed Among The Flood Affected People

The second batch of 1000 Life Straws and 180 Family straws were handed over to the Army at the 206th Army brigade Badin, Sindh for distribution among the flood affected people.

During his stay in Pakistan at the Rukhsana Foundation one of the main tasks of Mr. Michael Winters was to observe the working of the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School and provide suggestions to the management in order to improve the working of the school. Being a teacher himself Mr. Michael Winters coming from a developed country had all the experience and knowledge of new and modern techniques of teaching which surely proved very useful for the teachers and the students of the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School and a lot of new ideas were incorporated in the working of the school.

Mr. Michael Winters taking a class at the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School


I think of the transformational story of a much loved toy, “The Velveteen Rabbit”. Many have read the story and may remember that as the toy became more worn to the point that all of the fur was eventually rubbed off. The rabbit was looking like an eyesore to many but it really was in essence a much loved friend. When the last of its fur was finally gone the extent of the love it received in its inanimate state transformed the toy rabbit into a real living creature. Transformational love is staying in love with something long after it is new, well into it looking worn, and even when it is an eyesore.

Everyone likes to have a sense of accomplishment a personal sense that what they are working on or towards has value. In some cases people want to tell everyone about what they are doing, why they are doing it, how they are doing it, and why it is so great. Some people simply just do what they do each day never really thinking that what they are doing is really significant, yet they know it has to be done by someone and since they see the problem or issue they simple start helping.

Rukhsana Foundation is an organic organization that is simply the latter of the summary above. One person, Rukhsana, the wife of Mushtaq Tahirkheli and mother of two children by birth, knew in her heart the people that she was surrounded need help and love. She simply began helping one person at a time in a simple manner of whatever she saw was the specific need at their current moment of need. She would not stop with that initial act but she would develop relationships with people to better understand the long term issues that she felt that she could possibly contribute what little she felt she could to improve their lives. Others would remark to her that what she was giving away today financially would be what her and her family would need in the future to ensure a nice stable existence in the latter years of life.

Rukhsana Foundation did not formulate a mission statement, have a brainstorming session, have a group of people say let’s start something because I have always wanted to do this, it simply started by doing and then it became an entity in and of itself.  The work of one individual, Rukhsana, continued to help more and more and more people to the extent that she really did not want anything for herself but she wanted to serve others to be an instrument of an answer to their prayers. Her family and family friends began to realize that there was not stopping Rukhsana’s everyday step at a time approach to helping people each day that they finally made a formal commitment to serving the people of ….. Lahore and people who though catastrophic events where in need.

Transformational is the word that describes the work that the Rukhsana Foundation performs. When a little is transformed into a lot is how the daily efforts and work of individuals adds up to a lot in the lives of those it serves. A little is transformed into a lot when outsiders see the long term sustainable impact that this foundation is making in the lives of individuals that is transforming the local are into a self- sufficient and functioning community. A little is a lot when the minimal amount of resources can provide and individual the ability to transform them from mere existence into a sense of purpose. When a little education is transformed into becoming a lifelong learner that strives to find a place in their own environment that provides for their family and themselves.  When a little health attention and love from the doctors and staff that can provide the preemptive measures of long term illness and pain that could prevent an individual from effectively living in this society.

Rukhsana foundation is a transformational organization that is continually seeking not only to server but is operating in a mindset of constant and never ending improvement. It is not operating on the status quo, or comparing itself to how it matched up with what others are doing. It is not settling for under the circumstances we are operating above average so we are doing a great job. Rukhsana Foundation is an organization that is doing what it can, and letting God do the rest while constantly desiring to honor God by always striving to be better every day.

Rukhsana Foundation is helping to transform what others see as an eyesore, something worn and worthless into a living, educated and healthy person, through the daily love of the staff, family, and friends of Rukhsana.

Water Solutions For Life is a NGO in the United States of America dealing with the conservation of environment and water along with the provision of safe and healthy drinking water to the underdeveloped countries. This NGO is run by Mr. Michael Winters.  Mr. Michael Winters has varied experience in environment conservation and water filtration technology. He also has experience in Biodiesel Fuel Technology, solar and hydrogen power, having been involved in various projects in this field. In addition to this he is also a teacher and has vast experience in the field. Currently Mr. Michael Winters is working on the project of Life Straws, a device that instantly purifies water just by drinking through it like a conventional straw. This device operates without the need of any battery or external power source and is available for single and family models.

Mr. Michael  Winters joined hands with Rukhsana Foundation and with his expertise,  helped in setting up various projects for the flood affected people and provision of healthy and safe drinking water for the people. Mr. Michael Winters flew in from the United States of America to Pakistan on the 25th of September 2010 along with  1500 life straws imported by the Rukhsana Foundation for the flood victims, a part of which he personally delivered to the deserving. He had come to Pakistan to use his expertise to help in the rehabilitation of flood victims. During his stay in Pakistan he also got accustomed to the culture, traditions and the way of life of the people of Pakistan. In order to achieve this he visited different educational institutions, NGOs and various organizations. Using his vast teaching experience he also did different projects with the students of Rukhsana Foundation finishing school

Deewah Development Organization

Deewah Development Organization (DDO). Deewah stands for Drainage, Education, Environment, Water Management, Agriculture and Health. It is registered under Societies ACT XX1 of 1860.The main objective of DDO is to promote people centered development for improving livelihoods of poor and vulnerable communities especially women and reducing poverty in every corner of Pakistan by means of providing vocational training, literacy, health and hygiene. The organization is working for poverty alleviation; eradication of child labour in all its forms, education promotion; women development and environmental protection, on no profit no loss basis, in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KPK) and the rest of Pakistan.

After the devastating floods in District Nowshera, which left many homeless, Rukhsana Foundation in addition to other relief efferts, decided to construct 50 concreat block houses in order to give a roof to the people who had lost their homes in the flood. In order to implement this plan Rukhsana Foundation collaborated with Deewah Development Organization as they had rich experience of working in KPK area. The houses were constructed in Pabbi District Nowshera in the villages of Pashtoon Gari, Choki Drab, and Banda Mula Khan. Deewah Development Organisation played a key role in this project and it was completed well ahead of the scheduled time making it possible for the flood affected and displaced people to get a roof on their head in the shortest possible time.