Halloween is celebrated all over the world as an exciting and enjoyable activity especially in schools and other educational institutions. Its an activity in which the children predominantly take part dressed like, ghouls and ghosts, they trick and treat exchanging candies and enjoy themselves. In Pakistan Halloween is celebrated in schools only for the elite class. The RF management decided that a Halloween activity will take place at the Welfare Finishing School as the children from an under privileged background also deserve to enjoy themselves like the elite and as Rukhsana Foundation has done every thing to provide them with the facilities only ment for the elite schools, they should also get acquainted with different concepts and activities that are popular worldwide. This proved to be a whole new concept for the children at RF and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They were fascinated by the idea of dressing up like ghosts and actively took part in it. The teachers did an excellent job of decorating the class rooms and making costumes and masks for the children. The children also took part in this and infact most of the masks and decorations were made by the students under the guidance of the teachers. The students also learnt about the concept of recycling as some of the decorations were made from old and used stuff. Every class was decorated to a theme of Halloween and there was also a competition for the best decorated class. Class Nursery won the competition while Class III and Prep stood second and third respectively. We are happy that we brought an enjoyable day in the lives of our children who really have little to look forward to in their lives. The management of RF compliments the staff of the school for creating a spectacle and will continue to keep holding such activities which will bring our children in the mainstream and will enjoy facilities and activities that so far are ment only for the well to do.