Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq, the chairperson of Rukhsana Foundation has spent her life working for the welfare of the underprivileged. Even before the creation of Rukhsana Foundation she used to help and work for the welfare of the people. She knew that the only way these families could have a chance of a better life was to educate their youth. As her father and husband were army officers she moved and lived at different places during the course of her life. Where ever she went she used to teach the children of her domestic staff and other families living in the area, as she recognized the change education could bring in their lives. After the creation of Rukhsana Foundation the welfare school continues to take her dream further by providing modern education to the children whose family occupation is collecting paper from the garbage so that they can have a chance for a better life. The Lahore Trainers Lions club in recognition of a life time of service in education for the underprivileged decided to present a life time achievement award to the chairperson. This award was presented in a special ceremony organized by the club with all the members present.