Rehabilitative Activities For Flood Victims In Kahmir Kot District Jaffarabad, Baluchistan

Sponsored By Rukhsana Foundation And APPKI From March 2011 onward

Flood In Jaffarabad

As the Indus River remained in exceptionally high-flood situation, Jaffarabad, and more villages in this district were inundated due to breaches in protective embankments and canals. From the Initially available reports around 50,000 people in 30 worst hit villages are affected by the flood.

After a wide breach in Tori embankment along the Indus River and breaches at three points in Begari Canal, 80,000 cusecs of water entered Jaffarabad district, inundating the area into 10 to 12 feet of water.

Hundreds of thousands of people were stranded in Rojhan Jamali, Sohbatpur and Usta Muhammad. Since the floods started, an extraordinary humanitarian crisis has developed and people are faced with new challenges. After having assisted hundreds of flood-affected people, Rukhsana Foundation, working in collaboration with the local community is providing basic food items, hygiene kits, tents, mineral water, medicine, warm clothes, blankets, fertilizers and seeds. The construction of permanent shelters also started in August 2010.

Keeping in mind the rehabilitation of the affected people, Rukhsana Foundation is pleased to introduce micro economic activities and skill development in these areas, however funding for these activities is urgently required.

The Recovery projects in the Flood areas are currently funded by Rukhsana Tahirkheli

Foundation and APPKI, but more emergency relief is still required and rehabilitation activities have to increase on an immediate basis. These projects are vital to get the people back on their feet hence more funding is required.

Almost 90 villages have been badly affected by the floods in district Jafferabad and Naseerabad. Despite several relief activities from local Government, health departments and NGO’s, ongoing activities are not enough. In District Jaffaerabad several aid activities are in place, but much more still needs to be done.

The total expenditure in this area up to August 30, 2011 and List of Beneficiaries is as follows:-

No of Houses
Unit Cost
Total Cost
31Rs, 70,0002,170,000
List of Beneficiaries Single Room Concrete Block Houses Kashmir Kot District Jaffarabad (Baluchistan) 
Sponsored By Rukhsana Foundation and APPKI 
S.NoBeneficiaries NameDependentsLocation
1Nazirn Bibi D/o Rais Lima6Kashmir Kot
2Begum Khatoon widow of Gh. Hussain5Kashmir Kot
3Allah Bux s/o M Ali7Tajpur
4Rahmatullah s/o Arbab Ali6Tajpur
5Ayesha Bibi widow of  Chutta Khan5Tajpur
6Punhal Khan s/o Khair Mohammad5Tajpur
7Rabia Bibi D/O Nusrat Ali4Rojhan Jamali
8Malkan Widow of Mir Khan6Rojhan Jamali
9Amiran Bibi widow of Lima Khan5Rojhan Jamali
10Peeran d/o Mast Ali7Rojhan Jamali
11Naziran Bibi w/o M Akber Jamali8Rojhan Jamali
12Shukran Bibi w/o Arbab5Rojhan Jamali
13Aslam Jamali s/o Ahmed Khan6Rojhan Jamali
14Bakhtiar s/o HajI Nabi Bux5Rojhan Jamali
15Haki s/o Lakhi Chand7Rojhan Jamali
16Imdad Hussain s/o Mohammad Mithal6Rojhan Jamali
17Rabia Bibi w/o Nusrat Ali5Rojhan Jamali
18Wasavi Bibi w/o Ahmed Khan7Rojhan Jamali
19Khair Bibi w/o Azizullah6Rojhan Jamali
20Mahbo w/o Sahib Khan5Rojhan Jamali
21Aslam Jamali s/o Ahmed Khan5Rojhan Jamali
22Sakina Bibi w/o Thara Khan4Rojhan Jamali
23Irshad Begum w/o Abdul Aziz6Rojhan Jamali
24Ashraf Khatoon w/o M. Ramzan5Rojhan Jamali
25Zahida Parveen w/o Habibullah7Rojhan Jamali
26Nazir Begum w/o Gh. Haider8Rojhan Jamali
27Malka w/o Nawaz Ali5Rojhan Jamali
28Husna d/o Hazar Khan6Rojhan Jamali
30SHAH BIBI W/O M. PARYAL9Rojhan Jamali
Total Dependents
**Rukhsana foundation intends to complete 50 houses in this district. The project is under construction.
Kashmir Kot Constructed House