Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq Tahirkheli is the face of Rukhsana Foundation. The ever smiling, politely conversing Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq is the symbol of love and affection and she generously shares it with the hapless. She firmly believes in the fact that “Charity Begins At Home” and is always ready to play her part in making a difference in the lives of the needy.

She was born, on 9th may 1942 in a family that was always ready to help the less fortunate. Her father was a captain in the British army. Her mother was a God fearing and pious woman who taught her to share her belongings with the deserving. She received her basic education from Presentation Convent High School Rawalpindi. After her graduation she got married in 1963 to Mr. Mushtaq Tahirkheli, who was an army officer, presently he is an Attorney of Supreme Court of Pakistan. She has two children, her son Naeem Tahirkheli is a Cardiologist by profession and Patron of the foundation. Her daughter Eram Sheikh is the wife of a renowned businessman in Karachi.

Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq has always served others through her charitable deeds. Today her son has made the continuation of her efforts possible, by planting the seed of Rukhsana Foundation. The foundation under her guidance is busy to bring a smile on the faces of the victims of calamities and disease. She takes an active part in the relief efforts and travels to the calamity hit areas, to personally supervise the progress of the foundation.

Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq is a mother, and a mother is a symbol of care and affection. Only a mother can save her child from the raging winds of life, Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq plays this part admirably for the unfortunate and under privileged in order to make life better for them. She is a true inspiration for the people around her and her grand children have also joined her in order to emulate her deeds and to continue the same in the next generation, glorifying her name forever.