Operational Staff

Mr. Sajjad Manzoor (Chief Operating Officer)

Mr. Sajjad Manzoor joined the Rukhsana Foundation in October 2011.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Commerce. He has over 21 year experience in Banking and Management, in Pakistan and abroad. He also has experience in HR training and has conducted a number of courses. His responsibilities in the Foundation include management of day to day operations and various projects under the banner of Rukhsana Foundation. One of his main responsibilities is to keep the Chairperson, the Patron and the rest of the leadership team updated about the progress of the ongoing projects of Rukhsana Foundation effectively and accurately through detailed reports which are in turn forwarded to the various associates of the Foundation.

Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed (Care Taker)

Mr Ashfaq Ahmed joined the Rukhsana Foundation in January 2008. He works for the Welfare Clinic and the general administration of the Foundation. On the clinic side he handles the purchase and transportation of medicines from venders to the clinic. Mr Ashfaq also handles Bank payments and purchases for the general administration of the foundation. He is a trust worthy and dedicated worker of the Rukhsana Foundation. 

Mr. Robin William (Office Boy)

Mr. Robin William joined the Rukhsana Foundation in November 2012. He works for the school and general administration of the Foundation. He is a hard working individual and does his job with profound dedication.

Mr. Mohammad Dilawar (Sanitary In-Charge)

Mr. Mohammad Dilawar is responsible for keeping the premises of Rukhsana Foundation clean and tidy. He is quite indispensable to the Foundation as without clean and healthy environment the Foundation just cannot perform.

Mr. Mubashir (Office Gaurd)

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