Nutritional value in food plays a key role in the growth of a child. Only provision of food with the right nutritional value can help the growth of a healthy body. During the wellness checks being done at the Welfare School it has been noticed that the children usually take junk food that is seriously hampering their healthy growth . In order to make the parents aware of the situation a general lecture on Nutritional value was conducted by Dr. Ayesha Nasir Pediatrician and Wellness coordinator at the school. In this lecture parents were made aware of the fact that children need to be provided with healthy food and their intake of junk foods is to be minimized, as if care is not taken at an early age it can hamper the healthy growth and lead to complications as the child grows older.

UNICEF and City District Government arranged a free medical camp in collaboration with Rukhsana Foundation at the Khan Colony Lahore. General health check ups alongwith vaccinations for newborns and children upto 2 years of age was provided at the camp. Nearly 1100 patients benefited from this camp. All the services including medical advice, medicines and blood tests were provided totally free of cost.

In order to make sure the provision of quality education in a healthy environment,and to ascertain the health of the students, blood tests (CBC and ESR) were performed on all the children at the welfare school in order to ascertain the physical health of the children and presence of any infaction. Tests were performed on 200 children. 30 children were referred to the welfare clinic for further treatment.

November, the weather takes a transition from hot to cold. Winter starts and brings with it trademark ailments like sour throat, common cold, fever etc. In order to protect oneself from these ailments protective measures must be taken. Especially great care should be taken of young children. In order to raise awareness about the diseases related to cold weather and the steps to be taken to stay free of them specially for young children, the child specialist at the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Clinic Dr. Ayesha Nasir conducted a lecture for the mothers of the children at Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School. She explained the ways and measures need to be taken to protect the children from cold weather.

In order to raise awareness in young mothers about parenthood, a lecture was conducted by the child specialist at the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Clinic Dr. Ayesha Nasir. The proper handling of an infant is imperative for the mother so that the growth process continues in a proper way. The feeding etc has to be done in a way so that the health and wellbeing of the child is not neglected. Mothers especially young mothers are not aware about proper handling of a child. In order to raise this awareness this lecture will play a key role and this practice of raising awareness about health issues will be a permanent feature of health care at the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Clinic.

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated in order to raise awareness for the need of voluntary blood donation for the availability of safe and healthy blood. The theme for World Blood Donor Day 2011 was, “MORE BLOOD MORE LIFE”. Rukhsana Foundation arranged an activity in collaboration with Sundas Foundation to mark the blood donation day in the welfare clinic of the foundation. 10 voluntary donors donated blood at Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Clinic.

Dr. Rizwan Fazal, administrative head of Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Clinic spoke about the importance of blood donation. He appealed to all the healthy voluntary donors to donate blood at an interval of three months without fear, infect it was healthy to donate blood. Mr. Naveed Shiekh, President Rukhsana Foundation said that if God forbid   disasters like earthquakes or bomb blasts occurred, the spirit of the nation had always witnessed people donating blood in large numbers but the patients who needed blood under normal circumstances had been facing many problems. He further added that blood was a priceless gift that saved people’s lives.

The team of Sundas Foundation checked the health of the donors, who donated blood at the occasion.